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 8 player fundamentals

Psychological Mindset

To be successful, athletes require the right mindset. A healthy mindset aids in positive development and increased self confidence. To enable true potential, each athlete must believe in his own abilities first and foremost.

A number of prominent sport psychologists and elite coaches have articulated that the mind is far more important than the body in terms of sporting performance and success and is the most powerful tool that we posess. 


Football is a very skill-full sport. Therefore, naturally to excel at a high level, skills are important to be able to be performed during a game. A strong skillset is often the most noticeable aspect separating elite athletes from good athletes. 

Game Sense 

Knowledge, understanding and the ability to read, forsee and lead play equates to having the smarts of the sport. Developing this game sense enables players to identify when to use various skills at the right time during a game as well as to utilise the highly important aspect of anticipation. Game sense includes positioning, decision making and timing which are all critical aspects of game play.

Flexibility / Injury Prevention

Athletes push their bodies to the limits and expect a lot from their bodies. By having the tools and knowledge to be able to adequately equip your body to avoid injury, particular overuse injuries is paramount. By including exercises within your regime to prevent injury and minimise soreness supports all the other areas of your game to improve. 

Physical Health

Developing into an elite athlete has as much to do with what you do off the pitch as it does on the pitch. The foundations for health are included in our philosophy which can have enormous benefits not only in game performance but also in all life endeavours. The importance of sleep, hydration, breathing, nutrition, mindset including pre and post game preparation all impact on the ability to function optimally and release full potential. 


Today, the game is performed with explosive and quick movements. Standards are rising and the sport flows and moves quicker leaving the slower athletes behind. Speed significantly stands out to viewers and recruiters, being highly regarded today. Our practice incorporates speed training to out paces the opposition.  


Strength training is important to reduce injuries, increase power and increase speed on the pitch. Our training programs incorporate an aspect of strength training to support the player to be dynamic in his game. 


Endurance is the ability to perform skilled movements repeatedly, or run repeatedly without diminishing of skills or decision making. A great component of endurance is out-positioning your opponents in defence or attack. These aspects are critical and can often be a distinguishing aspect of athletes. 

player fundamentals
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